Case Study

Austrian Airlines



Client Austrian Airlines

Rickshaw Product Electric Assist Pedicabs/ full vehicle Wrap/ distribute 20000 premium / Costumes of Brand Ambassadors

Number of Vehicles 5 x 10 days x 5 intersections per day

Location Toronto Market

Campaign Promote Austrian Airlines as the carrier of your choice. Promote the Nonstop service from Toronto to Vienna




Case Study



Client Dentsu

Rickshaw Product Rickshaws / Rear Add Placements/ Strategic Time Sensitive Marketing

Number of Vehicles 15 x 3 weeks

Location Toronto Market

Campaign Promote Cosmetic Medical Product for use by persons with HIV.




Case Study

Walt Disney Pictures





Client Walt Disney Pictures

Rickshaw Product Rear and front add placements/ T Shirts on the Brand Ambassadors/ Distribute Prince of Persia Movie Posters.

Number of Vehicles 22 x 2 weeks

Location Vancouver and Toronto Markets

Campaign Give free rides at various intersections, cultural events and neighborhoods in both cities as well as give free posters to target audience.




Case Study






Rickshaw Product Custom color rickshaw frames and seats and awnings/ front and rear add placements/ t-shirts and hats on Brand Ambassadors/ work alongside independent Brand Ambassadors.

Number of Vehicles 20 units

Location Toronto Market

Campaign Promote brand awareness of / Give free rides to their target audience at specific locations through the city during rush hours.




Case Study

Rockport Adidas



Client Rockport Adidas

Rickshaw Product Rickshaws / Rear Add Placement / Complete outfitting [head to toe] of the Brand Ambassadors including assesorie umbrellas/ Custom Seats and Awnings/ Winter Olympic Activation/ distribute 40000 postcards

Number of Vehicles 7 units x 3 weeks

Location Vancouver

Campaign Promote Rockport Men's dress shoes as the shoe of choice for comfort and sporty design among men. Promote a Women's Olympic limited edition rain boot designed specifically for the 2010 winter Olympics.




Case Study

Astral Television Networks


Client HBO / Movie Networks

Rickshaw Product Full Rickshaw Wrap/ RearSign Placement. Costumes on Runners.

Number of Vehicles 8

Location Downtown Toronto and at All Toronto Maple Leaf and Toronto Raptor Games

Campaign Promote HBO Movie Networks second season of ROME. [Sex Power Revenge]




Case Study

City of Toronto

Client City of Toronto / Agency 59

Rickshaw Product Full Rickshaw Wrap / Custom Color Rickshaws

Time Frame May 24 08 / Sept 30 08

Number of Vehicles 10

Location All Over Downtown Toronto / At All Major Sporting and Cultural Events

Campaign, ZERO LITERES PER KILOMETRE, Environmental Rebates, Tips and Resources

Testimonial “We are very pleased with Rickshaw's performance and think it added a Novel look for them.”
  Dennis Kelly
Media Director
New since 1959
416.484.1959 X.278

Case Study

Re/ Max

Client Re/ Max Canada Corporation

Rickshaw Product Full Rickshaw Wrap/ Rear and Front Sign Placements. Custom Color Rickshaws/ T shirts On Runners

Timeframe August 1 08 to Aug 15 08 [2 weeks]

Number of Vehicles 5

Location Metro Toronto Convention Centre / All Downtown Hotels

Campaign Promote Re/ Max as an Eco Conscious Corporation and as Your Number One Choice for all Your Real Estate Needs. "Re/Max… Smart Move"

Case Study

TAB Energy Drink

Client TAB ENERGY DRINK [A Coca Cola Company] and Moxie Promotions

Rickshaw Product Full Rickshaw Wrap / Custom Color Rickshaws/ Carrying 2 Moxie Girls [ Marketing Reps ]

Timeframe Nov 2006 / Dec 2006 [6 weeks]

Number of Vehicles 1

Location Toronto's Entertainment District

Campaign Product Launch / Create Awareness / Literature Distribution

Case Study

Holiday Inn / NASCAR

Client Holiday Inn International

Rickshaw Product Full Rickshaw Wrap. Custom Color Rickshaws / Outfit Runners With T Shirts

Service Convention / Trade Show Marketing

Timeframe October 2005 [4 days]

Number of Vehicles 15

Location Metro Toronto Convention Center and All Downtown Hotels

Campaign Promote Holiday Inn as # One Hotel Franchise and Their Involvement in Sponsoring NASCAR driver Jeff Burton.
Testimonials George Chism

Mike of in Toronto asked if I could drop you a line about what he provided for our client Holiday Inn Worldwide.

This was for the International Conference where attendees were "housed" in 4 different hotels near the conference center.

We contracted to do several things for us:

1. Provide transportation from the hotel(s) to and back from the conference center.

2. Decorate his rickshaws in creative we provided him so that Holiday would have a significant presence in the market place.

3. Have his team dressed in Holiday Inn provided tee shirts.

4. Provide "after hours" transportation to attendees so that they couldcomfortably explore Toronto with a knowledgeable tour guide.


Mike and his team did an excellent job. His team members were very courteous and provided our attendees with excellent recommendations on dining and other local attractions. I received numerous compliments about using the Rickshaw services and did not receive a single complaint. I would highly recommend Mike and his team.”


George Chism
Tampa Florida

Case Study


Client Labatt Breweries Of Canada

Rickshaw Product Full Rickshaw Wrap

Timeframe Summer 1999 [3 months], Summer 2001 [5 months], Summer 2003 [8 months]

Number of Vehicles 30—full fleet

Location All Over Downtown Toronto

Campaign Responsible Use . "Know When To Draw The Line"

Case Study

INTA - International Trademark Association

Client Sim and McBurney

Rickshaw Product Rear Sign Placement. Custom Rickshaws Matching Runners Attire . Convention Trade Show Marketing

Timeframe June 06 [3 days]

Number of Vehicles 12

Location Toronto - Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Campaign " Sim and McBurney Presents INTA Free Rides "

Case Study

MSN Hotmail

Client Microsoft Networks Canada

Rickshaw Product Full Rickshaw Wrap. Front and Rear Sign Placements. T shirts and Hats on Runners

Timeframe July 2003 [ 1 Day ]

Service Free Rides With Branded rickshaws

Number of Vehicles 60

Location All Downtown Core Intersections

Campaign Msn Hotmail 5,000,000 email Accounts Celebration. "Chances Are The Person In This Rickshaw Has A Hotmail Account"