Rickshaw Runners of Toronto Media: Our Services Are Endless!

Rickshaw Runners of Toronto Media: Our Services Are Endless!: Rickshaw Runners of Toronto Media is in its 12th year of operation and have established ourselves as Canada’s leading Rickshaw company. Ric…

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Christmas Parade Saturday Night /PARADE MARKETING

Rickshaw Services of Toronto has been contracted by the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant [Ontario Power Generation] to provide them with two of our eco-cab style rickshaws for their annual Christmastime Santa Clause Parade in Ajax. With two fully branded rickshaws; the staff of the marketing department will pilot the 100% emission free vehicles through the parade by themselves while passing out little goodies to the children. This non-traditional form of “Parade Marketing” was tested by them in 2009 where measurements and feedback suggested they continue with the program. This will be the 3rd annual Parade with the use of rickshaws and eco-cabs as marketing tools. You can’t beat Marketing in Motion….at www.RickshawAdvertising.com¬†you can view our various programs and case studies of out of home marketing programs conducted across Canada and the USA. Our Services are Endless!
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Christmas Time at Rickshaw World

Christmas Season Eco Cab Marketing Programs

Rickshaw Services of Toronto is gearing up for our annual Santa Clause parades; where we deliver Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause to their many castles at various Shopping centers around the province of Ontario. Marketing specialists from each shopping center see this service as an added bonus to their schedule of Christmas activities within their shopping complex’s. Its also the only type of zero emission vehicle which can operate inside the shopping malls since Santa’s sleigh and reindeer could not fit through the front doors of any of the shopping malls. More pictures can be viewed on our website at www.RickshawServices.com

Our Christmas season Marketing Programs also includes valet rickshaw service for shoppers to enjoy free rides back to their vehicles in decorated and branded rickshaws. Why slip and slide??? Take a free ride!



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Burts Bees TIFF Rickshaw Sampleing Promo/Free Ride Marketing Program

After reviewing our free ride marketing program case studies at www.RickshawAdvertising.com; Burt’s Bees moved forward with a 2 week free ride marketing/sampleing program in the Toronto Canada market during the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival [TIFF]. Our drivers provided

free and very green rickshaw service to festival goers throughout Toronto’s downtown city core. Our ecocabs are emission free vehicles and provide a flashy platform with which Brands can launch interactive non traditional experimental marketing programs anywhere in Canada and the USA.
Everyone enjoyed free rides thanks to Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees helped save the world …Way to go guys!! Rickshaws were for sure the green way to go!

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Rickshaws Provide Green Transportation to Attending Delagates at the 2011 Nickel Mining Confrernce in Toronto

www.Hatch.caand Rickshaw Services of Toronto treated attending delegates at the 2011 International mining conference to a Free Eco Friendly Rickshaw ride back to their hotels, Dining spots and to VIP lounges after there presentation meetings were finished…they left a Zero Carbon Footprint while holding their conference in Downtown Toronto by using Emission Free Rickshaws instead of Taxis….Everyone loved the free eco cab rides. The attendees were very surprised to see rickshaws waiting outside of their conference meetings at The Sutton Place Hotel to take them to their next destination of the evening. Hatch.ca Cheers to the Eco Conscious folks at Hatch helped Save the world!


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Our Services Are Endless!

Rickshaw Runners of Toronto Media is in its 12th year of operation and have established ourselves as Canada’s leading Rickshaw company.
Rickshaw Runners of Toronto Media operates seven days a week, all year round. All of our rickshaws have municipal license’s and liability insurance and each individual rickshaw operator is licensed and trained in safety and professionalism.
Our Eco Friendly Cabs provide an exciting way to travel across short distances providing a 100% Emission Free – Eco Friendly mode of urban transport and tourists rely on us as a source of information about the city. We know the City, what’s happening and where, SO CLIMB ON BOARD!
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